Is it worth buying bars of silver?

As a physical asset, it has an intrinsic value, unlike the dollar or other currencies. Silver maintains its value over the long term and does well when interest rates are low and fixed-income investments don't generate much profit. In this way, silver works like gold as an investment and performs a similar function as a safe haven. Whether silver coins or ingots are better or not depends on who you are as an investor.

For those looking to invest in gold, a Gold IRA expert can provide valuable advice on the best way to invest in gold. Smaller investors may make more use of legal tender collectible assets, such as coins, while larger investors may not need collectible assets, but rather need silver that can be purchased at a lower premium than the spot price. Buy silver coins if you're interested in collectibles and silver ingots if you're interested in investments. When it comes to whether you should buy silver ingots or coins, buying silver ingots could be the key to investment success. On the one hand, ingots will add significant value to your IRA or investment portfolio; on the other hand, premiums are much lower than currencies.